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Home Protection 


Sump Pumps, Cleanouts, and More in Windsor

Protect your home from damage – Phoenix Drainage can install sump pumps, cleanouts, and backwater valves to help keep your home from being damaged by moisture and backed-up drains. Property owners throughout Windsor rely on us for our comprehensive licensed services. To request an estimate, please give us a call today

Cleanouts: Repairs and Installs 

A blocked sewer pipe can become a very costly and destructive problem for property owners. Partially blocked pipes result in slow drains, basins, toilets, and tubs, whereas fully blocked pipes result in sewage backing up the floor drains or fixtures, causing damage and health hazard. 

To easily clear blockages, a cleanout may be installed. They may be installed inside or outside the building for the purpose of investigation. We typically will install them outside the home, using less intrusive methods. 


Backwater Valve Installs 

A backwater valve can be installed on your sewer line to allow water or sewage only one way – outside your house. These should only be installed by a licensed and approved contractor. Phoenix Drainage has been approved by the City of Windsor to install backwater valves to help keep your home protected from damage and flooding.

Sump Pump and Pit Installs 

Do you know the purpose of a sump pump? Many of us have them in our basements or crawl spaces but maybe don’t fully understand what sump pumps actually do. We hear a motor running from time to time which is followed by a sucking noise.

A simple sump pump installation could save your basement from damage caused by flooding or other water catastrophes.


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Phoenix Drainage has over 3 decades of experience in helping homeowners with all their drainage needs.

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