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We Are the Septic System Installation Experts in Windsor

Septic systems are an important part of many homes, especially in more rural areas. Any services to do with them should only be done by a licensed professional. Phoenix Drainage is a licensed septic designer and installer with a BCIN which is required to design and build the systems by the Ontario Building Code. We provide septic system design, installation, decommission, and conversion for homes in the Windsor area. 

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We assess your property to determine what the best option is as permitted by the local municipality. For new systems, we require a set of drawings to show where the house sits on the property and take the appropriate plans to the municipality for their approval and permit.

If you have an existing home with a septic system and you want to put an addition onto your home or install a bathroom in an outbuilding, you will likely have to upgrade your system. We can help with that too!

Please note that we do not offer services to empty septic tanks unless we are doing a changeover nor do we do maintenance on septic systems. 


Septic Designs and Installs

Designing and installing a septic system is a process that needs to be done correctly to ensure the system functions as required. Phoenix Drainage can carry out the design and installation of septic systems, whether for new construction or a replacement of an existing system. 

Septic Decommissioning

Decommissioning a septic system requires a lot of cleanup and restoration and should only be done by an experienced licensed professional. Phoenix Drainage can execute the decommissioning of any septic system that no longer sees use so you can use the property for other purposes. 

Septic Desgs

Changeovers from Septic to Sanitary

Most homeowners are not in a position to choose whether their home comes with a sewer line or a septic system. However, as cities expand, many properties are brought within the limits of the city’s sewer system and can be changed over from a septic system. The choice is yours!

Handling this conversion should be done by a licensed professional, like Phoenix Drains. We have lots of experience in helping homeowners convert their systems from septic to sanitary. 


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Phoenix Drainage has over 3 decades of experience in helping homeowners with all their drainage needs.

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